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Carrying chitwan

The Kathmandu Post looks at the lives of Chitwan's working elephants and their mahouts, and how EAI CEO Carol Buckley is making a difference.
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Stay Off Elephants’ Backs to Stop Killing Them

EAI CEO Carol Buckley tells TakePart that tourists and how they spend their vacation money are key to improving life for Asia's working elephants.
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Sanctuary Search: Join us as we create the next generation of elephant sanctuary

Carol Buckley and Elephant Aid International have launched a search for land to build a new elephant sanctuary in 2015. The new sanctuary will build on the experience gained at both US elephant sanctuaries, as well as what Carol has learned from working with captive elephants in Asia.
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India's 1st fenced elephant sanctuary comes up near Bengaluru

Carol Buckley and EAI design India's first chain-free elephant facility at Bannerghatta Biological Park in India.
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Nepal: CNP to keep more elephants off chain

EAI CEO Carol Buckley prepares to return to Nepal to free more elephants from chains. The culture of chaining elephants is changing from the inside out.
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Carol Buckley's Chains Free Campaign for Elephants

Elephant Aid International breaks tradition in Nepal.
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Reaching out to help Nepal's elephants
"Free the Elephants Volunteer Project"

Although Sarasota County resident Mimi Steger plans to travel to Nepal next March, she is not outlining her itinerary with tourist hotspots or a plethora of resorts. Instead, Steger, 46, will spend 15 days working to unshackle some of the world's largest land animals.
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Nepal: Carol Buckley interviewed on Kantipur TV

Watch this live June 4, 2014 interview with Carol Buckley who discusses EAI's "Chain Free Means Pain Free" project and talks about her ongoing work to bring Compassionate Elephant Care to Nepal.
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Carol Buckley invites you to join her as a volunteer in Nepal in 2015
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nikunjaka hatti aba chain free report chitwan
Making progress on chain-free corrals in Chitwan National Park

This short video features EAI founder and director Carol Buckley and Chief Conservation Officer Kunwar Kamal discussing their progress in the construction of chain-free corrals in Chitwan National Park. Read full story...

Man’s death by tusker raises concern

Animal welfare agencies have called for an investigation into the killing of a mahout by an elephant in Sauraha, Chitwan, on March 12. Elephant Aid International and other animal welfare organisations issued a joint statement on Saturday, urging the authorities concerned to carry out an independent investigation into the case to find out the cause for the attack and avoid such tragedy in the future.
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Acres of Freedom
Kathmandu Post, Nepal

The positive reinforcement approach to elephant training—as being endorsed in Chitwan by Carol Buckley of Elephant Aid International—is a step towards building sustainable relationships between humans and animals.
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Unchaining the Elephants of Nepal

The Nepalese government recently invited Elephant Aid International to create the country's first-ever chain-free corrals at Chitwan National Park, where 63 working elephants now live shackled in chains.
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Working elephants rise up, you have nothing to lose but chains

The Nepali Times reports on EAI's Chain-Free Corral Project.
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What's best for Limba, Canada's oldest elephant?

Carol Buckley, a former circus trainer and now staunch opponent of traditional elephant management methods, was working at Bowmanville shortly after Limba’s arrival. “She would just wander around in a fog,” says Buckley, who compares Limba’s upbringing to “growing up in a closet.” “She lived with a total lack of stimuli so she really learned nothing,” Buckley says. “Even though she was really sweet, she didn’t have any self-confidence.”
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Elephant Aid International Improving Elephant Welfare

Carol Buckley gives us an update on her pioneering work with captive elephants in Chitwan National Park, Nepal: The Elephant needed the opportunity to disprove the unsubstantiated belief held by mahout and management that when elephants are provided a degree of freedom they become unmanageable. Quite the opposite is true.
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Life for Captive Elephants

More than half of Thailand’s elephants are in captivity. Once used for transportation, religious festivals, and war stemming back to 2000 BCE, adult elephants today work in illegal logging and tourism camps, while calves simply wander the city streets.
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Home is where the herd is

Sri Lanka's Sunday Times picked up an op ed Carol wrote on why Mali should go to sanctuary, which originally appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. As co-founder of the Elephant Sanctuary in the U.S., Carol Buckley knows first hand that just like humans, elephants crave family, friendship and freedom. Mali—the Manila Zoo's lonely elephant, who was born in Sri Lanka—deserves to know freedom and family. Mali has been in solitary confinement for far too long. Nothing would make Mali happier than spending the last 30-plus years of her life as part of a herd.
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Grassland: School kids hear about elephant-dog friendship

Carol’s book, “Tarra and Bella: The Elephant and Dog Who Became Best Friends” was selected by the Tennessee State Library to represent the state at the 12th annual Library of Congress National Book Festival held last month on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
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Carol Buckley’s ‘Tarra & Bella’ will represent Tennessee at National Book Festival

Tennessee’s own internationally known elephant care expert, welfare advocate and author Carol Buckley will take her children’s book, “Tarra & Bella, The Elephant and Dog Who Became Best Friends” (Putnam Books), to Washington, D.C.
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Where the elephants roam, family means everything

The Bangkok Post picked up an op ed Carol wrote that originally appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer: In my work with elephants, I've seen some remarkable things, both in Thailand and around the world. One case in particular though stands out for me - that of Tina.
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At Large Tina and Mali

Carol Buckley tells the story of Tina's life at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee to illustrate why Mali, the Manila Zoo's lone elephant, should be moved to sanctuary.
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Home is where the herd is

For elephants, family is everything. Births are joyous celebrations; deaths are mourned. Adults share news and provide support while youngsters play together under watchful eyes. Female elephants stay at their mothers’ side their entire lives.
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NTNC Officer Naresh Subedi awarded “Conservation Hero” by IUCN

Naresh Subedi, project chief of National Trust for Nature Conservation’s (NTNC) Biodiversity Conservation Center (BCC), Sauraha, Chitwan, has been named a “Conservation Hero” by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) for his outstanding work in the field of wildlife conservation in Nepal. NTNC is a an EAI collaborating partner.
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Guardians of the Forest

Live Encounters magazine profiles EAI founder Carol Buckley as a guardian of the forest and matriarch of the herd (p. 18).
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They are our heritage

Not so long ago, elephants in India were treated with respect. So, where exactly did we go wrong? See last paragraph for mention of EAI's Elephant Care and Rehabilitation Center.
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Appu gets a loving home

From The Midday's Mumbai edition: Indian journalist Sanjiv Nair profiles Carol and the Elephant Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.
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Unchained: Indian Elephant Rehab Center to Be a Model for Rescued Zoo Animals

Scientific American's Extinction Countdown blog covers EAI's Elephant Care and Rehabilitation Center project.
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