Elephants in Circuses





Death rituals and the circus animal

These are not videos of zookeepers crying over a supersized casket, or of some mawkish circus ceremony for a departed big-top star. These are videos of the funerals elephants hold for each other or, in the wary language of animal research, of "what appear to be" the species' "death rituals."
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Elephant beatings isolated cases - circus

Amateur video footage, which aired on the Carte Blanche TV programme on Sunday night, shows one incident in which a handler is running towards an elephant and then whipping the animal, which is seen running away from him.
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$32K reward offered in circus elephant shooting

Carol, an Asian elephant with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, was hit in the neck Tuesday by a single bullet shot from a passing vehicle in Tupelo, Miss.
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Debate rages on over circus elephants

Circus industry, animal activists are worlds apart on what constitutes abuse. For many people, especially among members of the animal welfare movement, the elephant walk is a march of cruelty, a profit-driven parade that is merely a prelude to a show that is more about the hubris of man than an engaging display of exotic animal behavior.
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Los Angeles Weighs Law Banning Elephant Shows

Los Angeles is poised to ban elephants from performing in circuses within its city limits, after pressure from animal welfare advocates who have for decades condemned the methods used to train and transport elephants as abusive and cruel.
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Animals in circuses: a modern-day slave trade

My Jamaican heritage and African roots make it impossible for me to ignore the historical similarities between cruelty to my own ancestors and cruelty to animals in circuses today.
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No more curtain calls for elephants

Editorial: The Los Angeles City Council is poised to consider a measure that would in effect prevent elephants from performing in traveling shows and exhibitions in the city.
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Anne the Elephant and the end of circus animals

On Friday, Bobby Roberts, 69, of the Bobby Roberts Super Circus, was found guilty of mistreating the 58-year-old elephant. His wife Moira, 75, was cleared of the same charges.
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Why elephants aren't welcome in Vermont

"We don't allow elephants in Vermont primarily for safety concerns, primarily public health concerns," said Col. Dave LeCours of the Vt. Fish and Wildlife Department. Fish and Wildlife says elephants are common carriers of human tuberculosis, a contagious respiratory disease that's airborne. Allowing the ivory tusked animals in is not something state officials are willing to risk.
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