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Elephant Billy to be Denver Zoo's New Itinerant Sperm Donor

Zoos and aquariums (hereafter zoos) are notorious for treating nonhuman animals (animals) as if they're insensitive beings, moving them here and there for money, as if the animals don't care if they're taken from family and friends or where they live.
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Lucky to remain lone elephant at S.A. Zoo

For the foreseeable future, Lucky the elephant will live alone in her enclosure at the San Antonio Zoo.
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Elephant conditions at Woodland Park Zoo to get public review

After years of bad press and public concern about conditions of the elephants at Woodland Park Zoo – and about any zoo keeping elephants – the Seattle zoo’s board has created a public panel to look into the health and living conditions of its elephants.
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Guest: Elephants first at Woodland Park Zoo

Op Ed: In recent years, information has been flowing in from long-term studies of elephants in the wild. They reveal a picture of an animal that is far different from what we learned about them in zoos and circuses.
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Elephants for sale

Zoos in China pay handsomely for baby elephants from Zimbabwe’s cash-strapped national parks.
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House panel supports Mali's transfer to elephant sanctuary

The House committee on natural resources approved Wednesday a resolution supporting the immediate transfer of Mali, the elephant currently housed at the Manila Zoo, to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.
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Elephant tug of war: The story of the Toronto Zoo transfer

From a viewing platform in the Toronto Zoo’s African Savanna, a mother and child are watching Iringa, Thika and Toka trudge around in the cold. “Mommy,” the little one says, “why do the elephants have chains on their feet?”
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Lawmakers join calls for Mali’s transfer to Thailand

More lawmakers have joined the clamour for the transfer of an Asian elephant confined at the city zoo to a bigger enclosure in Thailand, where she would be assured of better conditions and treatment.
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Tusk, But Verify

The Oregon Zoo told voters it needed $125 million to make more room for elephants. It’s also making more elephants.
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Whose Elephant Is It? Oregon Zoo Stuck in Custody Battle

She’s cute, cuddly, 300 pounds, and the subject of fierce dispute. Who owns the Oregon Zoo’s newborn pachyderm—and who should? Winston Ross investigates.
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Editorial: Learn from the ‘Glamour Beasts’

The Seattle Times’ recent detailed and disturbing look at the lives and deaths of elephants on display in America’s zoo industry inspires strong conclusions.
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Questions about Oregon Zoo elephant calf's future put captive breeding in the spotlight

Consider Tuesday's flap over the Oregon Zoo's newborn elephant a peek behind the legal, biological, logistical and philosophical curtain of captive breeding.
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Elephant 'extremists' in Seattle now feeling vindicated

Two Seattle women who have long protested the treatment of zoo elephants and were disparaged for doing so are now feeling better about their efforts. They were dubbed troublemakers, fanatics, and, then, in a word settled on by a PR effort to disparage them, "extremists." What they are being called today, though, is "right."
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Portland's baby elephant belongs to traveling show

A baby elephant born at Portland's zoo last week may be fated to a life with a controversial traveling elephant show that rents out pachyderms to the entertainment industry, stages circuslike events and offers elephant rides at $500 an hour, The Seattle Times has found.
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Elephant havens face zoo-industry backlash

American zoos face swift and harsh punishment when they retire their aged elephants to a 2,300-acre sanctuary in the California foothills.
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Elephants are dying out in America's zoos

Zoos' efforts to preserve and propagate elephants have largely failed, both in Seattle and nationally. The infant-mortality rate for elephants in zoos is almost triple the rate in the wild.
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Toronto ground zero for battle over future of elephants in zoos

For the past year and a half, a fierce battle has raged over whether three African elephants should stay in their decades-old home at the Toronto Zoo.
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A Very Big Issue at Manila’s Zoo

The chief veterinarian of the Manila Zoo looked uncomfortable as the graying, tattered elephant snaked her trunk through the rusty bars of her enclosure.
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Byculla Zoo: Bid to shift zoo elephants to forest fails

MUMBAI: The wait for the two ageing elephants in the Byculla zoo to be shifted to a larger place is not ending.
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Prague zoo acquires two female elephants from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has donated two young female Indian elephants to the Prague zoo, where they will arrive on Saturday,
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Famous elephant's ‘solitary’ Bronx cell has activists up in arms

In 2006, in a yard at the Bronx Zoo, Happy the elephant took a few steps toward an eight-foot mirror — and lumbered into history.
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