September 2016 E-Newsletter
The elephants need you by November 8!

Excitement continues to build for Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA) - our new elephant retirement, rehabilitation and education center!
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August 2016 E-Newsletter
Elephant Refuge North America is coming! Countdown to a new day for rescues in U.S. is on!

We are BEYOND excited to report that EAI has found land that will be the home of Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA), our new elephant retirement, rehabilitation and education center!
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July 2016 E-Newsletter Vol.2

We wrote you last week to tell you EAI found a perfect piece of land for Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA).
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July 2016 E-Newsletter

It's a new day for elephant rescues in the U.S.! Join EAI in the launch of Elephant Refuge North America!
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June 2016 E-Newsletter
Last Call for Nepal Elephant Foot Care Workshop!

Included this month: the deadline has been extended for the Elephant Foot Care Workshop opportunity in Nepal; and an update on the Lambodhar Prasad Project!
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Learn Elephant Foot Care from Carol Buckley!
May 2016 E-Newsletter

A life-changing experience with Carol Buckley, one of the world's foremost authorities on the care and welfare of elephants, and a rare chance to enter the lives of elephants!
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April 2016 E-Newsletter

Elephant Aid International President and CEO Carol Buckley returned from another trip to Asia a few weeks ago. Here’s what she accomplished on her trip.
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February 2016 E-Newsletter Vol.2

2016 is off to a busy start for Elephant Aid International and Carol is packing her bags once again! Here's the latest... Read full story...

February 2016 E-Newsletter

This year has been busy for EAI - thanks to your ongoing support, elephants in both Thailand and Nepal are now living chain free.
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November 2015 E-Newsletter

2015 has been a busy year for Elephant Aid International (EAI). Thanks to your ongoing support, elephants in both Thailand and Nepal are now living a chain-free life. And there's more to come! We have lots of hands-on work to do before year's end - read on! Read full story...

April 2015 Appeal

Help us build a fence to keep sano jungle hatti wild and 18 captive elephants chain free. Read full story...


November 2014 E-newsletter

Carol Buckley is on her way back to India to put her final stamp of approval on new chain-free corrals she designed for 15 elephants.
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August 2014 E-newsletter

International News: Carol Buckley designs chain-free corrals for Sunder and Lambodhar Prasad.
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June 2014 E-newsletter

Breaking News...It's Time to Celebrate!. Carol Buckley celebrates the completion of Phase One of EAI's Chain Free Means Pain Free project in Chitwan National Park, Nepal.
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April 2014 E-newsletter

"Anxious anticipation, overwhelming relief and heart-bursting joy. Whether rescuing elephants to sanctuary or releasing them from chains brings the same mix of emotions." Read full story...

March 2014 E-newsletter

The transformation is underway! Fence lines have been cleared...and "Chain Free Means Pain Free" is now part of the local lingo in Nepal. Read full story...

February 2014 E-newsletter

"All aboard...the chains are leaving!" Today is the day I have been waiting for! I’m about to board an airplane for the first leg of a long journey back to Nepal. I am giddy with excitement I can hardly contain. Read full story...


August 2013 E-newsletter

Chain-Free Corral project expands into Thailand; Sanctuary Search effort to fulfill the need for a new elephant sanctuary; Mentoring a Dude; Sophie and Babe, Back to Work. Read full story...

February 2013 E-newsletter

National Geographic Newswatch interview with Carol Buckley; Asia's first chain-free hattisar, mahout fears unrealized; phanit, pachhua and mahouts transition too; staff veterinarian; hattisar improvements help moral; Mel Kali gives us a scare; more chain-free hattisars in Nepal Read full story...


December 2012 E-Newsletter

returning to Nepal, expanding chain-free corral project, reuniting the family, a life lost to herpes, weighing elephants, tongue examinations, fighting for Mali, turning three Read full story...

September 2012 E-Newsletter

returning to Asia, India care centers, trimming feet, creating more chain-free yards. Read full story...

August 2012 E-Newsletter

Chain-free yard success . 84 pedicures . new veterinarian . collaboration with National Trust for Nature Conservation . care center in Assam . update on Bannerghatta care center . training Jon . free Mali campaign . National honor Read full story...

May 2012 E-Newsletter

chain-free elephant yard . hiring a veterinarian . elephant care center - Bannerghatta, India Read full story...

March 2012 E-Newsletter

Development of Bannerghatta, India care center . co-existing with wild elephants . bird sanctuary . fencing and trenching Read full story...

January 2012 E-Newsletter

Leaving for India . Scientific American . Huffington Post article Read full story...