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Elephant Foot Care

Location: Asia

Elephant Pedicure Report - 2015


Provide pedicures for captive-held elephants and train mahouts in proper foot care to support overall health and prevent osteomyelitis.


Foot health has become a serious issue for elephants living in captivity. Inactivity, poor husbandry practices, too much time spent standing and walking on unnaturally hard surfaces such as pavement and concrete can cause thin, uneven and bruised foot pads and cracked nails, leading to infection and osteomyelitis. These captivity-induced diseases have become an epidemic among elephants living in captive environments.

Aside from surgery to remove the infected toe bone, osteomyelitis is irreversible and terminal, inflicting years of pain and suffering. Osteomyelitis causes the toe bones to disintegrate, followed by the elephant’s physical collapse and subsequent death.


Thailand, India and Nepal


Establish on-going foot care programs for properly maintained nails and foot pads, vital to elephants’ overall health.

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Education Materials

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Project Updates/Reports

Elephant Pedicure Report - 2015

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