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Chain-Free Corral Pilot Project REPORT May 2012

Location: Nepal

Eight-year-old Sweetie Kali—born at the National Trust for Nature Conservation's Biodiversity Conservation Center, Sauraha, Chitwan National Park, is the lucky recipient of our chain-free corral pilot project; a first of its kind in Nepal. This new and improved yard allows Sweetie Kali to permanently shed the leg chains she has worn since she was four years old.

Sweetie Kali and positive changes to come

Sweetie Kali was chosen because of her age and stereotypical behavior. Her incessant head bobbing was a concern for the mahouts and management alike. The staff was witness to the onset of her stereotypical behavior, which started when she turned four, following her formal training, seperation from her mother and herd and induction into the traditional world of chains.

The new chain-free yard allows Sweetie Kali to engage in natural behaviors that she has been prevented from in the past. She is able to browse, graze and explore her one-acre yard, dust herself to her heart’s content, create mud wallows and feel the soothing sensation of scratching on a huge tree.  Instead of sleeping tethered between two poles, she now sleep in any soft and comfortable location she chooses.

This pilot project is the first of many. It will benefit elephants both psychologically and physically and demonstrate that elephants do not “go wild” when allowed to spend unsupervised time off chains.

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