What We Do

Elephant Aid International works hands-on with mahouts, NGO’s, tourist facilities, elephant welfare groups, researchers and government officials in joint efforts to effect change by improving elephant welfare in captivity and in situ, as well as the lives of mahouts and their families who care for elephants.

EAI’s work is based on understanding the culture and traditions of the countries in which it works, respect for elephants and the men and women who live and work with them, and the knowledge that small changes can make a huge difference.

One world...one elephant at a time.


  • Provides elephant pedicures.

  • Builds chain-free enclosures to eliminate the antiquated and physically harmful practice of chaining elephant’s feet to the ground.

  • Works with government agencies and NGO’s to create permanent elephant care and retirement facilities.

  • Trains mahouts (elephant trainers) in the skills necessary to support foot health and prevent life-threatening osteomyelitis.
    • Increases mahouts’ knowledge of elephant biology, psychology, behavior and learning style to help them develop more positive interpersonal relationships with their elephants.

  • Improves elephant stable sanitation.

  • Provides veterinary services.

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